Autobahn derestriction sign that lifts all restrictions and limits.

ad-lib: to improvise and deliver extemporaneously.

Spontaneous cooking without limits!

geocafe: a small informal restaurant that primarily sources from the sustainable biodynamic agriculture around it; who’s menu is influenced by the current season, global cultures and applies a minimalistic approach when preparing food.

ad-lib geocafe is the concept of Chef Rick Starr whose practical experience has evolved into this restaurant. His primary purpose is to exceed his guest’s expectations, by using the highest quality seasonal ingredients at the peak of their freshness. Chef Starr truly offers an unparalleled dining experience in Northern Lake County.

Dining at ad-lib has often been referred to as “an upscale dining experience in a casual setting with affordable prices.”

(847) 245-7328
453 S. Route 45
Lindenhurst, IL 60046